FIAS nytt

Les FIAS nytt for April. Her får du nyheter fra mange av våre leverandører.

Legg spesielt merke til at ECOLAB arrangerer seminar som tar for seg bekjempelse av Listeria.

The role of Environmental Management and Open Plant Cleaning in Listeria prevention

Do you know the role of environmental monitoring and cleaning practices in preventing the hosting and cross-contamination of Listeria monocytogenes in food processing facilities?

Please join in our seminar to hear from our technical experts what environmental management practices are particularly relevant in mitigating cross-contamination risks and how to design open plant cleaning procedures to achieve reliable and consistent outcomes. We will touch on aspects like OPC process validation, automated processes for air and surface disinfection, personal hygiene and how to select the right cleaning regime for efficiency and risk prevention. We will review cases from industryand hightlight relevant considerations.

You are invited to an online seminar on Tuesday, 12. April 2022 | Join us at 14:00 – 15:00 CET

Andre aktuelle saker

Endotech – ny leverandør til FIAS

Endotech AS er en norsk leverandør av utstyr og materiell til norske helseforetak, laboratorier og matindustrien. Endotech er norsk distributør av BiopSafe, som er en ny og innovativ metode for behandling av formalin ved biopsi-prøvetaking.