SINTEF NORLAB er nå Nemko Norlab

Nemko Group AS (Nemko) har overtatt aksjemajoriteten i SINTEF Norlab, som er den største norskeide laboratorievirksomheten innenfor miljøovervåkning, analytisk kjemi, mikrobiologi og veterinærmedisin.

SINTEF Norlab has joined the Nemko Group and becomes Nemko Norlab. SINTEF Norlab is the largest Norwegian-owned laboratory group within environmental monitoring, chemical analyses, microbiology and veterinary medicine. The purpose of combining SINTEF Norlab’s competencies with Nemko’s market access and product testing, inspection and certification services is enabling the development of an integrated global services portfolio to support existing and new services managing the green transition.

Per Ove Øyberg, CEO of Nemko, said: “The acquisition is an important next step on Nemko’s growth journey and part of our sustainability strategy of supporting a green transition through an expansion of our services. Combining Nemko’s services with those of SINTEF Norlab’s will enable us to meet the needs of existing and future customers in a competent and cost-efficient manner.”

SINTEF Norlab will, as part of the merger, change names to Nemko Norlab, but otherwise continue their business operations as usual.


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